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4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution Review – Does it Work?

Hello everyone, I am Carol and in this website you are going to find my detailed and fully researched review on Shaun’s 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution (sometime also called 4 Cycle Solution).

Shaun and Karen photoBefore starting my review, I would like to make it clear that Shaun’s fat loss program is highly conversional and it is not suitable for those people who have blind trust on sponsored researches and on the advice of their local trainer.

The advice that you are going to find inside Shaun’s program may be completely opposite to what you have been teach about weight loss since many years.

In the sales page of 4 Cycle Solution, Shaun talks about why Japanese are considered as leanest and healthiest in the world when they are eating 85% carbs in their diet. Why the obesity rate in Japan is only 3% as compare to 33% in American? How ‘bad foods’ like white rice and potatoes keeping them healthy and lean while we are overweight and weak by avoiding them?

If these questions surprise you then continue reading this review because I am going to reveal how Shaun’s trademark strategy works.

Let’s start…

What is 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution?

4 Cycle Solution is the scientifically proven and 4 step fat loss program in which Shaun will show you how you can use 4 Macro-Patterning cycles to increase your metabolism efficiency and stop body from storing fat.

4 Cycles of Fat Loss SolutionThe 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution is very simple to follow program that is created by Shaun Hadsall who has 15 years of experience in weight loss industry. Shaun Hadsall is very popular name in fitness industry because he has created many best-selling fitness programs and helped hundreds of people in his consultation center at Michigan.

Inside this program, Shaun has provided every step that will make body to use fat as the primary source of energy instead of protein or carbs. You will not only get list of foods inside this program but you will also get instructions on ‘how much’ and ‘when’ to eat them to make body burn fat instead of storing it.

To understand this program in better way, I recommend you to visit and read official page in which Shaun explained how his techniques are making men and women slim and smart in just 7 days.


How Does 4 Cycle Solution Work?

Cycle #1 – Carbs Depletion Diet:

Shaun has provided each and every step that you need to increase metabolic rate and improve fat burning hormones. Within just 7 days you will start feeling great change in your body.

With the help of instructions available inside this program you will learn how to make your body burn fat as the main source of fuel instead of sugar.

Cycle #2 – Macro-Patterning:

This is the Shaun’s trademark technique for burning fat without losing muscles. In this technique Shaun will explain how to strategically include your favorite carbs foods inside your diet to improve your fat burning ability.

In this technique Shaun provides you list of foods and explain when and how much to eat them to keep burning fat in your body. This technique includes list of substitute foods that you use to replace the foods that you hate eating them.

Cycle #3 – Accelerated Fat Loss:

Many people lost weight initially in their new weight loss plan but after some time weight loss stops coming. This is because body goes into its comfort zone and stop burning fat. This third cycle is designed to stop this problem and continue burning fat at the same speed.

Additionally, the steps that Shaun explained inside this cycle will stop body from burning muscles. In other words, this cycle will increase your fat burning potential.

Cycle #4 – The Diet Break:

This is the most important cycle that will stop body from gaining fat. In this cycle Shaun provided guidelines on how to create new set point that will act as the new point in which body feels lighter.

The role of first 3 cycles of this program is to create change in the body but the fourth cycle will keep that change permanently.

How Macro-Patterning Can Help You?

Shaun designed Macro-Patterning technique in such a way that it can reprogram your body to burn fat first instead of sugar. In this technique you will get list of carbs foods that can actually help you in burning fat. This list of carbs food contains some of our favorite foods as well.

Shaun will provide you guidelines on when and how much to eat them so you will feel fuller for longer period and your metabolism will burn fat in the same time. If you are not getting results from your current weight loss diet then you can easily include this technique in your diet to start burning fat again.

In short, Macro-Patterning is the easy and scientific way to lose weight.

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Strong Points of 4 Cycle Solution:

Weight Loss is Just 7 Days That’s right!! With the help of Carbs Depletion Diet cycle you can start losing weight in just 7 days. On average people lost 11 pounds in first 7 days.

Fat Loss SolutionFight Against Diabetes With the help of Macro-Patterning technique you will learn how to strategically eat carbs and improve your fat burning ability by increasing insulin sensitivity in the right way. Insulin sensitivity also helps you in controlling sugar level in your body.

Build Lean Muscles The Accelerated Fat Loss cycle contains everything that you need to know to protect your muscles while burning fat and only fat. Additionally, inside Shaun’s program you will learn how to eat Carbs and build lean muscles.

Improve Your Energy Levels Shaun provided list of foods that improve the efficiency of brain so you will have more energy throughout the day and your mind will remain sharp.

Stop Hormonal Damage It is proven that carbs are important for human body. Carbs balance hormones and protect body against any hormonal damage.

Work For Men and Women Both There are many weight loss diets that put unnecessary restrictions and make it impossible for every person to follow it. However, Shaun’s 4 Cycle Solution is different because it contains very minimum restrictions and it is possible for any men or women to follow it.

Maintain Results Most fitness experts left out very crucial point in their weight loss program and that is how to maintain results. Many people gain weight once they stop following their previous diet however, you will never gain your lost weight again in Shaun’s fat loss program.

60 Days Money-Back Guarantee It is proven that human body needs 3 weeks to display result of new diet plan but in this case you have nearly 8 weeks to check if 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution is working for you or not. If you don’t obverse any change in this period then you can return the product and Shaun will refund your money back without asking any question.


Weak Points:

Not Much About Exercise – I personally feel weight loss is the balance between proper diet and exercise plan but there is not much about exercise in this program. Although Shaun includes short exercise manual but I feel he should have talk more about exercising.

Can People With Celiac Disease Use This Program?

Shaun designed this program in such a way that everyone doesn’t matter age, culture, fitness level can utilize this program. Additionally, people with Celiac Disease can also utilize this program as there is complete list of gluten free food list in each and every cycle.

The great thing is you don’t need to do any guesswork and everything is already provided inside this program. Additionally, you can easily replace foods if you have allergy with them. Additionally, you will find out instruction about how to eat gluten free pastas and breads if you have problems with gluten.

Conclusion – Is it For You?

In the end of this review, I feel this program is not suitable for those people who like to focus more on exercise than nutrition.

However, any man or woman who likes to lose weight by eating right foods will get great benefits from this program. And I recommend them to give it a try to 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution because in the end they have nothing to lose except ugly pounds.

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