Truth About Carbohydrates That You Should Know

Many people who want to lose weight think carbs are bad for their health. It is really unfortunate to see many people still think by cutting carbs from their diet they are able to lose weight quickly.

Although protein is the most important macronutrient for human body but lack of carbs can create lots of problems as well. Carbs are the first source of energy and without them your body will not able to burn fat. So creating balance diet is the key to weight loss.

In this post I am going to tell:

  • Brief overview of carbs
  • 3 myths about carbohydrates + 3 fats about carbohydrates
  • Why carbs are important for permanent weight control
  • How carbs fight against inflammation
  • Why carbs is important after workout

Let’s start…

What Are Carbohydrates?

good and bad carbsIn simple words, Carbohydrates are sugar that breaks down in the body to create glucose. Glucose is the primary source of energy and it is essential for brain, muscles and bones. Body controls the level of glucose by using series of two hormones that are insulin and glucagon. Excess amount of glucose stores in body as fat.

There are basically two types of carbohydrates that are simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates normally found in white flour, white pasta, candy and white sugar. However, complex carbohydrates are found in ‘starchy foods’ like beans, potatoes, oat and pasta.

Since simple and complex carbohydrates are very much similar that is reason most people think all carbs are bad. This is actually the one of the myth that I am going to share below:

Myth #1 – All Carbohydrates Foods are ‘BAD’:

Many people think carbohydrates are not necessary in weight loss diet as body can create glucose from proteins and fats. Additionally, These people think by reducing carbs it becomes easy for body to burn fat which is completely wrong.

This is because when there is lack of energy body creates a by-product called ketones which creates a condition called Ketosis. For those who don’t know Ketosis is the condition which leads to production of excessive uric acids and increases the risk of Kidney stone, high blood pressure, heart diseases and colon cancer.


Fact #1 – Some Carbohydrates Are Good For Health

There are refined and unrefined carbs.

The refined carbs are found in processed foods like white flour, biscuits, candies and white rice. They are usually lack in important minerals and nutrients. This is why it is important to avoid every kind of refined carbs from your diet.

However, complex carbohydrates are healthy and they are essential for healthy body as well. The anti-oxidants, minerals and nutrients that found inside complex carbohydrates foods helps in fighting inflammation in the body and improve digestive system.

Myth #2 – Carbohydrates Increase Fat:

Carbs have received bad rep after the launch of Atkins diet in 1990s. Atkins diet is based on assumption that people are overweight because of over-consumption of carbohydrates. Dr. Atkins feels that by reducing carbohydrates and including more proteins and fats foods our body is able to burn fat naturally.

However, it is proved wrong later in 2000s because,

Fact #2 – Carbohydrates Help in Maintaining Weight:

Dr. Campbell Colin says that, “Carbohydrates are important for permanent weight control”. There is some logic behind Dr. Campbell’s statement. This is because carbohydrates contain half amount of calories as compare to fats.

Additionally, it is proven that body burns 23% calories from carbohydrates while there is only 3% calories burn by body during burning and storing process.

Myth #3 – Don’t Eat Carbs After Workout:

foods rich in carbsSome bodybuilders don’t suggest eating carbs after workout when glycogen levels are full because they think carbs increases insulin production which creates lipogenesis and promotes fat storage.

They are correct but there is great benefit of eating carbs after workout.

Post-workout carbs helps in building muscles. Carbs after workout convert body from catabolic (muscle losing) state to anabolic (muscle gaining) state and in between muscles burn more calories.

Carbs are very necessary especially if you are exercising excessively. Carbs can quickly refill your glycogen level and stop body from losing muscles. Carbs not only provide instant energy but also helps in building muscles. The more muscles you have in your body, the more calories you will burn and able to perform better in your next workout.

Fact #3 – Unrefined Carbs Are As Important As Unrefined Proteins:

After workout it is important for you to provide healthy unrefined carbs and proteins to your body. Make sure you avoid refined carbs as they contain sugar and increases fat storage. Your muscles need BOTH carbs and proteins to grow after the workout.


Your post-workout diet should be balance between unrefined carbs and proteins. If you overeat carbs especially refined carbs then your body will store them as fat and you gain weight. It is necessary to be careful in selecting sources of carbs for your post-workout diet.

Here are some great sources of unrefined carbs:

  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Brown Rice
  • Chia Seeds
  • Dark Green Vegetables
  • Sweet Potatoes


carbs after workoutIn simple words, low- carbs diet is not the solution for weight loss. Carbohydrates are like double-edge sword – they can be your friend or foe as well.

If carbs are reason for weight gain then Japanese should be overweight as potatoes and rice are major part in their diet. You will shock to hear only 3% Japanese are overweight while in America obesity rate is 33% where carbs are most hated nutrient.

This proved that if you want to lose weight then cut down refined carbs and include healthy and unrefined carbs into your diet. Unrefined carbs are as important as proteins in your weight loss diet and if you go low-carb then you will never able to get slim and sexy belly.

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